Dear Sirs and Madames,

We offer services in the field of quilted goods. We carry out orders quickly and professionally on our own and customer materials.

Our modern machine park allows sewing of different material thicknesses and warmer (synthetic and natural) with a width of up to 260 cm.

We quilt: nonwovens, knitwear, linings, imitation leather, bedding, mattresses, velor fabrics, jacket fabrics, coats, bedspreads, sleeping bags, strollers and child seats, and upholstery fabrics. Our products are therefore used not only in the clothing, footwear, underwear or furniture industries, but also in the automotive or aerospace industries.

With a lockstitch that is durable, aesthetically and qualitatively best, we quilt different patterns.

Our professional team advises you competently and ensures a high quality of our products and your orders.

We are looking forward to a cooperation!